Current Mortgage Rates in Alberta

Mortgage Rates in Alberta change often, please contact us for the most current information available.

Prime Rate 6.85

Bank of Canada Qualifying Rate 5.25%

NOTE: At Current rates it is Contract rate + 2% which is Currently Higher than Bank of Canada Qualifying Rate April 20/ 2023

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In today’s volatile Mortgage Rate environment, rates can fluctuate daily.

On your own, it can be difficult to find the current and correct mortgage rates in Alberta. We’re here to help.

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There Are Several Options for Rates on Mortgages:

  • Fixed Rate Terms – Rate is locked in for the chosen term
  • Variable Rate Mortgages – Rate is based of Current Prime rate but is locked in for the term
  • Adjustable Rate Variable Mortgages – Rate is based on Current Prime and the payment adjusts with Prime rate changes

One consideration with Variable Rate Mortgages is that if Prime Increases, your payment remains the same but amount of Principle per Payment Lowers. If rates increase to the point that no principle is being paid, the Lender will request an update on Mortgage Terms or Principal Payment.

mortgage broker holding up a small model home and giving a thumbs up, showing that it helps to hire a mortgage broker to get approved for a home loan in alberta

Insured Mortgages (Less than 20% Down) and Conventional Mortgages ( Greater than 20% Down) also have different Mortgage Rates Available in Alberta.  

You can learn more about the different types of mortgages available in Alberta on our Services Page.

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