We have Credit Solutions for all types of Financial Situations

Improve your chances of Mortgage Approval with Additional Income Sources and Alternative credit solutions and Access to Private Lenders

Multiple Lender

Leverage the power of multiple mortgage lenders

Many people who apply for home financing are turned down by their personal lender or bank.  Mortgage lenders all have different income and credit guidelines that they will accept from a prospective mortgage client.  This could limit your ability to secure the financing necessary to proceed with your next real estate purchase.

Thankfully, there’s a better way.

Advantage Mortgage gives you access to multiple lenders from chartered banks, monolines, alternative lenders, and private lenders, so we can find a solution that meets your personal needs and improve your chances of getting approved.

Don’t worry.  Just because one lender said NO, it does not mean you cannot be approved.

Yes, we have mortgage lender solutions to help you obtain your financing!

See the examples of these types of circumstances below.

Self Employed

We have solutions for business for self-clients that allow us to prove their true income in non-traditional ways that most lenders will not allow. We also have solutions for commission earning employees or contracted employees.

Divorce or Separation

We have mortgage solutions for couples or business partners to allow them to refinance a joint owned property in one client’s name up to 95% loan to value to pay out the other parties equity and in some cases, joint debt.

Additional sources of Income

We have lenders that will allow us to use additional sources of income such as, Foster Care Income, Child Care Benefit CCB, Spousal and Child support, and Maternity leave options that Allow Use of Income at return to work levels, not just Benefit Levels.  Also, we have solutions for clients that make tips as part of their normal salary.

Credit Rebuilding

We offer advice how to rebuild your credit and have access to lenders that will help finance clients in credit rebuilding situations.  We can guide you through the process of stepping up through the credit levels to regain your solid credit history.

Property Types

With access to multiple lenders, we have access to mortgages on property types that not every lender will allow.  Examples are large acreages, second homes, rental properties, 3 and 4 season vacation homes, rural properties, modular homes and raw land deals.


You’ve completed a bankruptcy and now you don’t feel like you have the ability to obtain the dream of owning your own home. Don’t worry, we have solutions for that. We can also assist if you are in credit consolidation or have tax arrears.

Mortgage Financing Solutions for You!

Every one has a different financial, employment, and credit situation. Whether it being self-employed, some credit issues, property type or use, or special circumstances that may not allow them to be financed through typical lenders.

Contact us today to learn which alternative credit solutions and mortgage financing options are available to you.

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