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Personalized Mortgage Solutions for Every Type of Financial Scenario Advantage Mortgage will help you get approved for a mortgage using the power of multiple mortgage lenders.  Having access to more than one lender gives you:

More Flexibility and Increased Chances For Approval

  • Even if one mortgage lender gives you a “NO”, we have many more options and flexible solutions available to help get you a “YES”!

Maximize Your Total Mortgage Qualification Budget

  • The power of multiple lenders allows us to craft creative solutions for our clients that provide a larger budget to work with.

Get Started On Your Mortgage Application

Start right now by contacting us online, or call and ask for Dennis at (780) 991-1600 for more information. Get Approved Today!

Multiple Lender Advantage

Yes!  You have mortgage options even if your bank says NO. With access to multiple banks and lenders, Advantage Mortgage can ensure the best fit and chance of success for your personal situation. Shop for your mortgage knowing you have been properly pre-qualified by our certified mortgage professionals and avoid any closing issues. Learn More approved Check

Professional Assistance

Have your own mortgage team Personalized one-on-one service from your first contact with us to signing your mortgage and moving in! We’re there to guide and support you through the entire process from mortgage qualification to home ownership. You’re our top priority throughout the entire process. Learn More rate

Secure the Best Mortgage Rate

You have access to more rate choices for your mortgage Gain the advantage of working with multiple lenders. We can offer attractive rates and a wide selection of mortgage products to give you access to the best solutions for your personal mortgage needs. Learn More

You would never Purchase a home without a Realtor, why would you consider not having a Mortgage Professional looking out for Your Best Interests.

In today’s Lending Environment now more than ever you will benefit from the Assistance of a Licensed Mortgage Associate. With all the new Rule Changes getting Qualified and Maximizing your Qualification Budget is much more Involved. All Major Banks and Lenders have different Guidelines on what they will accept for Income and Credit Scenarios. What does this mean?  If you are relying on One Bank or Lenders options only you are not being given the Best Chance of Approval or Ensuring the Best Options Available to you. We will guide you through the Entire process with Personal assistance and Ensure you are given the Options you deserve to Maximize your Purchase Experience PERSONAL ONE ON ONE SERVICE WITH YOUR BEST INTERESTS AS TOP PRIORITY. NOT THE LENDERS. Mortgage signing mortgage calculator

What are the next steps…

Please contact us for your FREE, no-obligation mortgage assistance and assessment of your situation. Let us assist you in navigating the mortgage lending environment and maximize your qualification budget. *The only time our mortgage services have any cost if we have to acquire alternate funds and then service fees may apply Free Consultation